First #cryfest this month.

June is usually my most teary month.

Because I’m mostly at home and have to face all the stress.

So I’m pretty proud of myself of not crying until now.

But I’m only human and I need to release my emotions one day.

I hope you understand.



F4’s reunion

I can’t believe I only watched this video yesterday.

Even for people like me who are neither an avid F4 supporter nor a Meteor Garden fan (actually I didn’t even watch 流星花园 LOL), this video can be so touching.

I almost cried when F4 started singing. There’s just so much love in their singing <3 And their voices just meld together so perfectly ~

And some of you will know that I absolutely love this kind of close brotherly friendships. So the whole time during the interview I was like smiling and “aww”-ing <333

They are such a sentimental and affectionate bunch <333

New favourite song

This is not a new song.

Actually I never thought highly of this song at all.

Maybe because the MV ruined it for me.

You all will know why once you watch it.

As in how are you supposed to focus on the music?? LOL.

But today I listened to this song again. And I fell in love with it.

Everything about this song is just perfect.


你好朋友界限太难以理解   暧昧该一枪击碎

删除关于爱情所有的依恋   是否可免于流言

你说的一切   最美的谎言   别再拿出来表演

我的逞强不理别人说的一切   为爱出现的盲点


我要   平凡的依赖   我要   诚实的相对   我要   你不面对

你要   变装千百变   你要   玩爱多一点   你要   我不奉陪


I Know I I Know I 爱没有眷恋

I Know I I Know I 不会再有眼泪


Just Say No 不值得在涉险   不想再自我催眠

小心幸福覆盖背叛表面   玩爱之徒别眷恋


我要   平凡的依赖   我要   诚实的相对   我要   你不面对

你要   变装千百变   你要   玩爱多一点   你要   我不奉陪


I Know I I Know I 爱没有眷恋

I Know I I Know I 不会再有眼泪



I Know I 爱就是绝对

Leave Me Now 要说的坚决


No No 谁懂爱 No No 谁要爱 No No 谁眷恋

No No 不懂爱 No No 不要爱 No No 别眷恋


I Know I I Know I 爱没有眷恋

I Know I I Know I 不会再有眼泪   过了明天

谁懂爱   谁要爱   谁眷恋   过了明天

不懂爱   不要爱   别眷恋   过了明天

Just Say No






1. Missed my darlings so much during the June holidays… I was so happy to see my dearest 小白脸 again ytd hehehe. Had a good catching up session with her after Geog remedial and went for Starbucks 1 for 1! Yayyee! ~

2. Feeling like everything and everyone in life is in their place right now :’) This just makes me feel really happy ^^ I love how people connect with each other and you can never predict who becomes close to who heehee. Seeing that spark of chemistry between people makes me feel so nice and warm inside <333


1. I guess I’ve never said this on my blog but I have this condition when I puke in the mornings. I call it morning sickness or #pukefest. HAHA. And today’s one was the worst ever. I woke up with dizziness but nausea kicked in full blast when I was in the car on the way to school. I was practically walking and stopping all the way to the level 1 toilet which I figured I should go because I felt like I was going to puke any moment. I couldn’t attend Geog remedial because of this :( I basically camped at the toilet for a really long time because of the really bad nausea with some cockroach which decided to keep me company heehee. Had some fun playing with it LOL. Cuz it kept coming towards me for some reason… But I seriously showered yesterday night ._. So I had to keep shifting my feet so it wouldn’t have any chance to crawl up my shoe. When I felt a little better I decided to go out of the toilet cubicle and the cockroach left for the next cubicle immediately after I opened the door HAHAHA. Probably going to see if there was another girl next door it could make friends with LOL. Actually the cockroach is really pretty! Like brownish yellow with the gradient effect. And really long feelers. Pm me if you want a picture LOL. I got video somemore. Idk what it was doing but I captured a video of the cockroach curling its feelers?? HAHAHA

2. After I came out of the toilet I still couldn’t really walk properly but I decided I didn’t want to stay in school anyway so I took the bus and endured the intensified nausea due to the shaking of the bus (really regretted this at one point when I was just closing my eyes and preparing to puke) to Coffee Bean at Rail Mall hehehe ^^ I really love Coffee Bean because the atmosphere is so nice and conducive for studying! And I like the ice-blended drinks there :) Ya did Electrochem questions then ate my salad lunch before going for a really spontaneous study date with Kat! Heehee. Then afterwards we went to watch The Fault in Our Stars with Veggie who joined us yayyy. Shailene Woodley’s acting is pretty good in this movie!

3. I think that this holiday has seriously taught me a lot of things :) I’m really grateful for everything that happened~ And I’ve really become more cheerful I think? I think I giggle more nowadays HAHA. YAY!

4. New song by A Mei which came out not long ago. I think the melody is pretty nice, but is it just me or is her voice not extremely suited for this song? Her vocal range is definitely okay for this song, but I think that the way she sings the verses is a bit too harsh. Probably has to do with how she pronounces the consonants so strongly as well as her husky tone. Heard this on the radio and it struck a chord with me. Up till a few months ago, this kind of songs would make me very sad. But I’m proud to say that I’m now a different person, and I’ve become completely at peace with the memories. :)

Kimberley Chen

I had my doubts about her. From the start.

For those who don’t know, Kimberley Chen is an Australian-Malaysian singer based in Taiwan who grew to fame with her song 爱你 in 2012.

I mean, she’s really cute. I knew from watching her on 娱乐百分百. She’s also pretty multi-talented for her age.

But there is just something about her. As in how can she suddenly become so famous?

I listened to her song 分手说爱你. And I was really quite impressed. By both her vocals and the arrangement of the song.

Then I went to watch the MV. And it all became clear to me.

Once the album logo popped up I was like… OHHHH…

I mean.

Kimberley Chen Album


What a pity.


I think a lot about my future.

Some people tell me that I think too much and plan too far ahead, restricting my choices and decisions. I must admit, as I grow older and experience more things, I become more pragmatic and realistic. I’m less prone to take risks now. Every step that I take has to be calculated and measured beforehand. Of course, it’s not sufficient to just be pragmatic. Idealism is important too. And that’s why I’m trying to strike a balance between both. But some issues are just a matter of yes or no, right or wrong etc. Sometimes, there’s really just no balance or inbetween.

Because I like to read into the future, I tend to observe and analyse more so as to predict what will happen. And I realize my predictions get more and more accurate as I mature. I guess I’m pretty happy about this, because it allows me to be wiser and give my friends better advice based on the different situations they are in. But there’s a small part of me that wishes I didn’t know so much. So I didn’t have to face the harsh reality so soon.

But a lot of times it’s not just the mind that helps me to predict. The heart also plays a part too.

Relationships. At the beginning, there is always a leap of faith. We enter relationships with faith, hope and love. There is a certain degree of risk-taking. Taking the risk of investing into a relationship that will last, that will be healthy and beneficial to both parties. But as time passes by, as events occur and more interaction happens, one gets into circumstances and experiences certain emotions again and again which makes one feel uncomfortable about the relationship. Doubt starts to creep in. Suddenly, the relationship isn’t pure anymore.

Many people will think that time can build trust. But in this case, time destroys trust.

But nowadays, I can predict the ending way beforehand.


1. I realize I really missed my family dinners. We would just sit at the dinner table for a few hours even after we have finished all the food and just talk. When there was school and choir we never really had the chance to have such dinner conversations together as a family. So I’m pretty thankful now. Yayyee ^^

2. Spent a lovely afternoon with my piano <333 Sang my heart out to Mandopop songs like 背叛 and Forever Love. And I specially repeated all the adlibs to perfect them (as usual). HAHA. I realize I actually sing to more guys’ songs than girls’ songs. I used to do that to train my lower range. But somehow nowadays I’m just inclined to sing more guys’ songs. Dunno why LOL maybe because the range is easier so I don’t need to try so hard to reach the high notes. (haha embarrassed Sop 1 OOPS ><) I mean if I can’t reach the super low notes I can just skip them anyway. Move on to the next note teehee.

3. I tend to use throat voice to sing pop songs HAHAHA I’m sorry fellow choristers :P And when I’m in the mood to sing I can’t stop. So I think cuz I sang for quite long (and my throat has been quite bad from drinking very little water during the holidays) I started tasting blood. LOL. Actually I do taste a bit now. Or maybe it’s 心理作用. Idk HAHA. Actually when I tasted blood I didn’t go and drink water immediately. I went to take out my song book (for church) and played some Christian songs on the piano (while singing them too LOL). And I got touched by this song once again.

I mean, this song is an extremely popular Christian song. And I’ve probably heard it a million times or something. (ok exaggerating but ya) And played and led the song before in church. But the reason why it touched me today is because it showed me God’s immense love and forgiveness. And it revealed to me the unreasonably high standards I have been setting for my loved ones. Why can’t I just let go of all the negative things and love them when God first loved me? Why can’t I just make little sacrifices on my part when God sacrificed His own son to save me?

I don’t deserve anything God has given to me, be it my family, friends, money etc. I have been giving, but I have also been wanting more reciprocation and appreciation from others. According to Oxford Dictionaries, the definition of magnanimous is to be generous or forgiving, especially towards a rival or less powerful person. And this is my purpose. To just #loveandbejoyful. <3