Closer by Hyorin

So much love for this <333


SJ’s new comeback!!!!!

Some comments: 

– Ryeowook seems really happy this comeback HAHAHA. Well, he should be. He got a good hairstyle which makes him look so prettaye ^^ And he got so many lines! 

– Donghae looks so good this time round. LOVE THIS BLUE HAIR <333

– Sungmin looks like a guinea pig

– I really don’t like 中分头发. Why the obsession with it nowadays??? 

– I can’t wait for the dance parodies especially for the head-hitting part LOL

Okay, back to my work HAHA

25/8 & 27/8


1. Had an awesome last PE lesson today – BASKETBALL ^^ I remember how Mr Ong always made us play basketball last year. Actually a lot of us were quite reluctant to play it then HAHA. I think it was because those not-as-athletic and/or short people like me felt kinda invisible LOL. Some of us even felt lucky to have held the ball just once for the whole PE lesson, because the game was mainly played between people like Jason, Crystal, Xue Yi and Yuqi >< But I think as our class spent more time together over the months, we grew to understand one another more ^^ I feel that when we play basketball (or just any type of team sport) now, our teamwork is pretty solid HEHE :) (of course I’m not an athlete so my standards might be low LOL) That’s why I always think that sports can unite and bond people together ^^ Anyway all of us were pretty dirty and stinky after PE today but I’m sure everyone would agree that we had a lot of fun YAYYY. Will miss PE with my adorable classmates ><


1. Last day of school! Took lotsa pics and jump shots with my lovely classmates ^^ 小白脸 and I were pretty tipsy LOL. We were just being retards throughout the whole day, singing funny songs and making irritating noises HAHAHA. Went to United Square with her after Mass Movement tut ended as her tuition was there. On the way we did a lot of silly things and had a lot of fun heehee ^^ Really glad to have so much in common with this darling <333 Drank Chai Latte at Cedele as I waited for 小白脸 to end her tuition. I really like the drink but I also want to try other stuff in Cedele next time :) I gave 小白脸 a sip of it when she came back and she remarked that this is the worst drink she’s ever tasted. HAHAHA. Anyway we had a very funny conversation for a while before we went home. Planted a really wrong image into 小白脸’s head which I think she won’t be able to remove from now on LOL. Resumed the chat on the whatsapp group at home and laughed my head off at Jiahui’s recordings of EXO’s Wolf rap HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. 



I’m someone who crumbles under stress. I can never deal with it, I can only try to avoid it. But sometimes I can’t avoid it because of certain rules and expectations. Then I basically crash down.

Took a break for the past few days because I have been so worn out.

I realize that I deal with self-induced stress better. I’m able to sort it out within myself and move on quickly. As compared to a few years ago, I’m now more in control of my emotions and feelings.

But with regards to external stresses, I’m pretty much exposed and defenseless. If I had the choice, I would escape from all of these things. But I have no choice because right now, I’m totally not in control.

I feel like I’m trapped in the ocean. I am forced to keep paddling and paddling until my energy is completely depleted. Then I sink, losing myself in the vast deep waters. Just as I’m about to disappear forever, a boat miraculously comes by, lifts me up, gives me rest and helps me to restore my energy. Then I have to make a decision of whether to stay on the boat or to dive back into the ocean. And more often than not, I have to leave the boat because I find out that the boat is already heading towards a different destination. Then I’m back into the ocean again where I aimlessly paddle until I reach my destination, which is an island where I can finally stop and live my life the way I want to.

I believe that one day, I’ll reach this island.


1. Woke up feeling really tired but managed to keep myself awake for the whole day with my new box of mints heehee ^^ They make my breath so fresh :) So far I have been surviving with the chewing gum that Tao Ran helped me buy from Riga LOLOLOL. For those who don’t know, I eat chewing gum in school quite frequently during tutorial / lecture hehehe. I can’t live without chewing gum OMGOSH. I might not need to eat it every day but I just need to have it. (haha call me weird LOL) I currently have 4 and a half packs left which I have to save until Dec when I can finally fly to UK to buy more YAY! Actually I still have 1 or 2 packs of gum hidden somewhere in my house which I bought from S. Africa last year LOL. But I don’t actively try to find them cuz I already have so much extra gum. Heehee. ^^

2. Had Mrs Chen for math lecture slot :))) She’s super nice like how I remembered she was back in NY ^^ Like I was literally having my Socio-economic Polarization notes opened and placed flat on the table. (and I was in the front row totally in her sight) But she was so nice to let me read it when I understood what she was teaching alr. I actually really appreciate teachers who let me multi-task, but care about my results? HAHAHA is that too much to ask from a teacher LOL. But actually Mrs Chen is quite clear and thorough in her explanations. Kinda looking forward to more of her lessons from now on YAY. 

3. Chem tut was 2013 A lvl paper 1. Made a lot of careless mistakes for which I should punch myself LOL. But overall I feel I have improved a lot from BT2? (or maybe because this was an easy paper I think ><) (trying to reassure myself HAHAHAHA) 

4. H.Geog tut was quite interesting. I actually like the Web Quest thingies we do for H.Geog. Maybe P. Geog can also have this kind of presentations. Although idk whether this will be too taxing for Geog students. Hmm. Anyway Mrs Ling is mysteriously gone and we are kinda worried although we have never really appreciated her presence >< Mrs Chua (my favourite teacher atm cuz she’s so motherly <3) took our tut YAY. Anyway my group presented on London heehee. I really hope I can study in London for uni although from our research London has a really high level of ethnic heterogeneity and large spatial segregation between different social groups. Well I think it shouldn’t be too bad for me considering the fact that there are so many Singaporeans studying there LOL. 

5. CT was Mr Loo talking about Meaning in Life. (not meaning OF life, he clarified HAHA) I actually really appreciate how he takes effort to convey all these information to us and is sincere in giving us very valuable life advice ^^ I actually have a lot of respect and admiration for teachers hehe. I’m actually appreciating my Hwa Chong teachers more and more because I see how much time and effort they put in for us :’) The second half of CT was spent learning about the history of Hip Hop heehee. I loved the LA style dance the most because it’s so handsome <333 The rest of the demonstrations were a bit boring because those were just very classic Hip Hop moves imo. 

6. Anyway after school I finally went out with Kia Yee after so many postponements of our Labrador Park date HAHAHA. We first went to Star Vista to eat at Owl Cafe. When we exited Buona Vista MRT, this brown-haired guy dressed in an office shirt and purple tie came up to us and asked, “Do you all know how to get to Holland V from here?” And honestly I had no idea because WELL I HAVE NO SENSE OF DIRECTION (like many of you know heehee) and also cuz I don’t take the MRT often. So I looked at Kia Yee for help and she was like “one or two stops from here?”

Then the guy passed us a brochure of coupons from some Holland V restaurant and said that since it’s so near from here we should just go there to eat. 

And this was my face: 



Anyway I managed to brush him off after 5 minutes and proceeded to Owl Cafe. The coffee there is quite nice eh. I ate some Laksa Prawn Spaghetti thing which was good, but I fell in love with the prawn OMGOSH. The taste was A.M.A.Z.I.N.G. Seafood is not what I would normally order but seafood that is fresh and JUICY is really appealing to me. It is SO GOOD. 

7. Afterwards, we headed to Labrador Park heehee. Labrador Park is actually quite ulu so the playground only had one angmoh kid. So I was like OMGOSH LET’S PLAY PLAYGROUND. So we went there (although the age limit is actually from 5-12 years hehe) and played for like 30 min??? I was wearing a flowy skirt but I didn’t really care that much and went onto the rock-climbing wall HAHAHA. I totally felt like a kid again. :))) The experience reminded me of how my bro and I used to play when we were young. He would always challenge me to do more dangerous stunts at the playground LOL. I was joking with Kia Yee about how we can come back when we are like 40 years old and go onto the springy thingy like today. Then other kids would look at us and be bewildered LOL. Actually I think if our kids came with us they would probably be embarrassed by us HAHAHAHA. 

8. After playing playground we walked along the trail of Labrador Park, admiring the beautiful scenery of the trees and grasses as well as the sea OMGOSH. So prettaye <333 and when it got dark we sat on a swing and shared some secrets hehe ^^ The view in front of us was the sea and across the sea there were sparkling golden lights <33333 I really love this kind of view :)))



1. I absolutely love playing soccer with my class <333 all the screaming and laughing HAHAHA so fun ^^ Today was the last soccer session :( but next week there’s elective, hope we get our first choice which is floorball YAYY :) 

2. Yanchao had to treat a few of us girls to drinks during recess because he injured them during PE LOL. It was quite funny and I was just 幸灾乐祸-ing at the side hehehe. 

3. Physics lesson was cool because Mrs Tan taught us some really useful techniques on tackling electromagnetic and electric field questions :) I like how she always uses so many colours in her explanations on the whiteboard ^^

4. I really appreciate what our teachers are doing for us to help us do well for prelims and A lvls :’) Mr Loo gives us some really awesome Chem notes every supplementary / remedial (?) session hehe. Today he gave us Group VII and TM complexes notes <333 And last time he gave us a list of all concepts related to electron delocalization in our syllabus. SO COOL RIGHT HAHA. 

5. Speaking of which I am proud to say that yesterday I did a mindmap linking all the organic chem reactions we need to know for A lvl H2 chem. Used my colourful pens and had quite a lot of fun doing it although it was a bit tedious LOL. Like I had to draw so many arrows all around the place and create as many links between functional groups as possible. But I started out with an unsymmetrical alkene and totally forgot about Markonikov’s rule OOPS. 

6. My mum bought me CBTL latte <333 Before this I never tried latte from there but I think it’s quite nice eh ^^ Maybe I’ll order this the next time I go to CBTL (my classic coffee place heehee) :)

7. I found this quite long ago but I went to look at it today again HAHAHAHAH. I think some ex-NY girls will kill me if I post the URL here LOL. But it’s not like no one is going to see it anyway :P Do you all remember the This I Believe Patchwork that we did in Sec 3? Well this is the website with all our essays. 


I’m so going to get slaughtered for this heehee.

Just search ur ex-NY friend’s name in the search box and you might actually find her podcast / essay here ^^

DISCLAIMER: we wrote & recorded this in SEC 3. like 4 years ago. 






(anyway for anyone of you who decided to listen to the podcast or read the essay, Samantha is fine now ^^)

(and actually life isn’t fair at all pls HAHA)


1. Physics tuition today was pretty insightful :) My teacher was telling me about how scientific research is so commercialized nowadays. He also shared with me his opinion on how quantum tunneling can be used to explain the existence of ghosts and spirits which was quite interesting hehe ^^

2. I’ve decided to be a Geog teacher but as I get exposed to more and more other careers, my desire to be a teacher wavers HAHA. For instance just today I’ve considered three other careers: scientific researcher, photographer and artiste. I have too many interests already lah. LOL. But I guess it is good that I am open and not picky with my career choices…?

3. Met Abel at BPP to pass him some notes then went to meet Ting for our girls’ day out ^^ We first went to Suntec Hall for the Mega Flea Market. But nothing really caught my fancy? I thought of buying this cute soft toy but they gave a high price and I’m not very good at bargaining so oh well HAHA. Didn’t buy it in the end.

4. Afterwards we went to Marina Square / Link for llaollao <333 Queued for 1 hour while watching a korean drama on Ting's phone but I felt that it was worth it. Because my Sanum was so nice OMGOSH. Coffee sauce is awesome :))) I felt like I was in love when I ate my llaollao. ^^ Definitely going to go back soon… Maybe this week? Or is that too extreme HAHA.

5. Carried our llaollaos up onto the train on our way to Bayfront. Some ppl were staring at us as we took pictures of our llaollaos on the train but NO SHAME MAN HAHA. Then met Ting's mum who passed us tickets for MBS Team Members' Day hehe. ^^ We proceeded to Marina Barrage in a shuttle bus.

6. At the event we met Tosh Zhang, Irene Ang, Kym Ng and Bryan Wong hehe ^^ We took a lot of pictures at the rooftop together with all the colourful kites as well as happy families and lovely couples around us heehee. Then we went down to play some games yay ^^ felt like a kid again getting so excited about funfair games LOL

7. We then queued up for dinner for quite long (ok technically Ting did, I only took care of the bags and choped seat for her on one of the benches haha). Dinner was quite nice because it was by Swissotel the Stamford (our prom venue!). Then Bryan Wong hosted 60 seconds to win it and we were speculating whether he would call Ting up because he kept looking at us when we walked towards the stage and even as we were already standing in front of the stage. Hmmm

8. Overall this day was quite fun and I'm glad I managed to spend some quality time with my dear sister <333 Missed going out with her :'( Will look forward to future Ting + Wei dates again YAY ^^

I realize that it is now a habit for me to number my paras LOL. It used to facilitate the listing of happy experiences I had every day but nowadays I don't really know what function it serves HAHA.


Will update again soon :)))