1. Finally ended my drama LOL. I thought it was fine, not great. Corner with Love is definitely better than Hi My Sweetheart. Maybe I really just don’t see the point of the golden hair HAHAHA. Might watch 换换爱 next yay ^^

2. I don’t really like prom shopping because it’s making my friends panic >< Prefer last year's. Hehe.

3. Going for 174 movie outing later hehe. Watching penguins YAYYY ˆᴗˆ I really love Madagascar <333 it's one of my absolute fav animation movies hahaha. I like Kungfu Panda too. and Up omgosh. so awesome HAHA.

Will post a song I like tonight ˘◡˘



Going out every day this week HAHA. Had lunch with Wan Lin and discussed some stuff which left me quite distraught so I decided to go back home and rest before jap dinner tonight. My phone was running out of batt at an exasperating rate as well and I don’t trust my portable charger LOL.

Dinner with Belle and Tommi was fun! Had some really awesome jap food at Tanjong Pagar and nice dessert (with liquor! YAYYY) But I must say that the outings with 6T and Bestie have also been great HAHA. (well they might complain if I did not add this LOL)

I’m watching Hi My Sweetheart recently and I realize I actually prefer Show Luo with black hair with cute bangs heehee ^^ I thought I liked his fake side fringe (HAHAHA) and golden hair but now it just seems very fake and unmanly? Or maybe it’s just because the drama zooms in on his face and hair a lot whereas 100% Entertainment just films him from a certain distance. So I think it’s okay but actually it’s not very nice for close-ups. :P

Cried a lot when I was watching Corner with Love after Phy Paper 1. The story was touching but I never really cried when watching any drama / movie?? It’s so unlike me omgosh.

Shall update again soon! ˆᴗˆ

I’ve had enough. 

The world doesn’t just revolve around you.

No one is obligated to grant all your selfish wishes.

Whenever you are upset, you just treat me as your punching bag.

There’s a limit to how much I am willing to take.

I’m not tolerating any more of your nonsense.

You are going to regret all of these.


1. Was worried that caffeine effect would cause insomnia for me last night but I’m glad I managed to sleep for 3 hours :) Took 5 minutes to wake up today because I was so tiredddd HAHA. Then headed to school to mug a bit of earthquakes before Geog today. Glad I got to pray with Nat, Aileen and a few other Geoggies teehee ^^

2. Phy Geog was a bit tricky but generally okay. Earthquakes didn’t come out for essay so I was quite sian at first HAHA. But the Bradshaw model came out for DRQ so I was so happy because I mugged quite hard for it ytd LOL. RI is awesome HAHA thanks for the headstart ^^ I didn’t expect this to come out because it’s not in the syllabus but I just learnt it because I thought it would be useful for me to explain upstream and downstream channel morphology. But YAYYEE. :))) They also tested this 3m question on clouds which kinda made everyone go like ._______. It was literally a picture of some really ordinary clouds. Then Jason was joking afterwards that they could be described as “fluffy” and “cotton” HAHAHA. Anyway I attempted the two most non-standard essay questions. The Hydro and Litho ones. Well at least I managed to write so much more as compared to prelims so I guess I’m content. :)

3. Had a nice sisterly chat with my darlings over lunch <333 Must say that I missed them :'( But I can’t wait for SeoulYummy OMGOSH YAYYY. Speaking of which my first two weeks of freedom are almost fully packed already LOL. Wan Lin is super impatient alr and she wants her bak chor mee HAHAHA. Well since A levels are over I don’t have any excuse to postpone our date already right. (jkjk LOL) :P Can’t wait to read my brother’s books too because I see a lot of really nice books in his room and now that he’s gone THEY ARE ALL MINE MUAHAHAHA. (for now) (wait until he sees this :P)

4. Chem Paper 3 was an experience because I freaked out for the first 30 min. I kept redrawing my energy diagram :( But I know I have already gotten the stupid PCl3 question wrong because N cannot expand octet… I thought it looked really wrong but I didn’t have enough time to rethink because I had to move on to the other questions as I essentially only had 1.5 hours for the 4 questions. And I take quite long for elucidation questions :((( Well I’m glad I managed to pull through and finish the paper in the end YAY. I think it will turn out okay ^^

5. Anyway I’m in the same classroom as S70 for Chem and when we were waiting to go in I was just looking down at the Central Plaza (oops I almost typed Quadrangle HAHA). Then Shu Yan came up from the stairs and was like “How are you? Are you still vomiting?” I was stunned for a moment and it was a bit awkz cuz I felt people staring LOL. (anyway for those who don’t know #pukefest is gone heehee) Then I told her nope I’m fine. And we continued talking for around 5 min? But she kept linking back to the vomiting. Like “Are you sure? Are you okay?” Then I finally succumbed and shook my head, giving her my trademark 一言难尽 look HAHA and she said we’ll catch up about that after As and finally moved on to another topic LOL. Generally other close friends don’t greet me with an “Are you still vomiting?” HAHAHA. But ya Shu Yan da hubby 你的关心我心领了 <333 After As we’re gonna go around Singapore and I’ll accompany this little cake-lover to try out her long list of cakes LOL.

6. Freedom is coming soon! Can’t wait OMGOSH. I need to catch up with so many people… *cries*

Speaking of which, this video might honestly make some of you all cry. :(

Today: Geoggy Revision

Chem and Phy Geog tmr but I’m focusing on Phy Geog for now >< Chem Paper 2 was okay. I thought I did Planning wrongly but turns out my method might be right! (after cross-checking with a few reliable smartypants HAHA) I can’t believe I mugged so much Inorg before the paper and not much of it came out LOL. By now I probably have forgotten half of the stuff I crammed on Monday morning HAHA. Especially the Period 3 oxides and chlorides and all the random stuff I need to know about them. And I know it’s gonna be worse because by the time I stuff all the Geog info into my brain today I’m gonna forget more Chem stuff… *cries* Anyway I know I need to do some Electrochem because I’m a bit weak in that and I know it’s probably gonna come out for Paper 3 cuz it didn’t come out at all for Paper 2. Ionic Equilibria too but I’ve done too many practices on that (which even made my tuition teacher very sian because she had to help me with so many questions LOL) so I should be okay teehee ^^

Anyway it’s kinda nice because Mr Goh told me that I should aim for an A tomorrow :) He said my DRQ is really good but I just need to write more for my essay >< So I’m gonna try to internalize more info today so it’ll take me less time to think tmr and I can write more :) I’m currently going through the documents I have and I realize there are a lot of useful diagrams that are not found in HC’s lecture notes but are very useful for illustration. So I’m gonna try to remember as much as possible YAYYY.

Received an interesting article from Kia Yee and thought of sharing it with all of you :) I know the title says Quantum Physics but this article is easy to understand yet very insightful. (or maybe it’s just me cuz this article was like a nice break I had from all the A level-related stuff I’ve been reading so far HAHA) Enjoy!

Nothing is solid: This is the world of Quantum Physics

Jiayou for this week, especially fellow Geoggers! <333

Hatred… Finally in control :)

Decided to type in chunks because this is the only way to get paragraphs now :(

Finally let out something I’ve been keeping inside me for a really long time :) Don’t really know what the decision will be but at least it’ll be more or less an informed decision now that things are out? And there’s no hurry for the decision at all so take your time ^^

I’ve been listening to Hannah Montana songs recently LOL and I think this is my favourite song from the show :) This song kinda speaks to me. <3

I’ve been having intense feelings of hatred torturing me for the past few days :( I’ve never hated someone so badly in my entire life. Just seeing that person’s face makes me boil uncontrollably HAHAHA. But I’m so glad that the anger has simmered down a little now so I feel more liberated YAYYY. I can finally move on to bigger and greater things in life than this OMGOSH. Totally not worth it wasting my feelings like this.

Anyway this video was one of the things which helped me to simmer down. I mean, how can one get angry when watching this? ^^


I know that nothing can be done to protect myself anymore.

I made such a terrible mistake as I wasn’t firm enough to say no.

I should really just stop giving in to people I don’t trust.

I guess I shall prepare for the worst from here. ><