I turned 19!

My 19th bdae isn’t too bad. Hehe.

The day started off with a 00:00 bdae wish from 桃子 and GER GER. HAHA. And my first bdae present on 27/1 was a recording of a 一首简单的歌 cover yayyee ^^ Happy to hear the nice voice I’ve been missing heehee.

Was forced to go back to sleep then woke up with 浓浓睡意 HAHA. Decided to take a shower to start my day fresh but realised I depleted my trusty Dove shampoo *cries* So I bought 2 bottles at Guardian just now to replenish my shampoo supply before I left Paragon LOL.

It was generally a happy day heehee. The twins came and this time I took the boy. He actually plays really well eh. He’s more inquisitive to try out new Montessori materials and daring to make friends who are much older than him ^^ But the girl is so adorbz and her smile is SHO CUTEEEE~ Such a lovely 龙凤胎 hehe. Although my fav siblings didn’t come today, I’m still happy for them to go to the airport to fetch their Daddy in the afternoon teehee.

Happiest moments of 27/1
1. Being GER GER’s ‘cool sister’
2. Being Veggie’s ‘birthday girl girl’
3. Being 桃子’s ‘most precious friend’
4. Confirming that churchies miss me
5. Eating my mum’s Aglio Olio for lunch
6. Laughing so hard at our cute and funny children HAHAHAHA

Seems like this year’s bdae is a success! A simple yet fulfilling day with lots of love from ppl I treasure <333

Received wonderful presents but I guess the one I like the most still has to be the new bike I got from my parents yayyee ^^ I've always wanted a bike and now that I finally have one I feel that my life is kinda complete HAHA. I also really like the bdae booklet and music CD which Pa Pa found in our mailbox today HAHA. Thank u Wan Lin, Eliana, Abel, Bing Guo, Fang Hui, Rosanne, Wen Han and Zi Qi ˆᴗˆ I miss u all and I can't wait to meet u all again too ^^ I'll be back~

Finally reached home lalala~ But before I go and cut my cake I shall pass on the bdae joy to someone special! *drumroll* HAPPY BIRTHDAY VEGGIE DADDY!!! Thanks for raising little Veggie who has made Fishie's past year filled with much cuteness and joy <333


Got cut by scissors

Work today was quite relaxing cuz da boss wasn’t around HAHAHA. Did some cutting, pasting and drawing with the N2s for Art and Craft but ended up having a girl cut my middle finger ._. Imagine like u stretching out ur hand to take a pair of scissors from a little girl then she just decides that ur finger looks juicy enough to cut, so before you know it a piece of ur skin comes off. Then you’re just thinking like *** in ur mind and suddenly blood gushes out of ur finger and u have to compete with the line of children wanting to use the sink to clean their hands for lunch ._.

For the second session, I insisted on not having any of the kids hold the scissors AT ALL because I was so scared that some kid will wanna cut the rest of my fingers too LOL. So I was super busy cutting hearts, stars etc. of different sizes and colours for the kids to paste onto their handmade notebook. For the third session, I only had one boy to teach so I cut a lot of random shapes for him and also let him cut a bit of paper on his own teehee ^^ Can tell that he is experienced with cutting because when he is cutting one side he immediately placed his hand on the other side HAHA SO CUTEEEE.

I realize that I’m good at teaching children individually but when it comes to teaching a group how to say… I’M AN EPIC FAILURE. LOL. Really gotta learn how to do it man… The feeling of knowing u are not doing ur job well sucks so bad ><

Nowadays my work is always on my mind… How to teach every single kid well and make sure they learn what they have to learn :( There are so many things I need to figure out, even stuff like organizing all the worksheets and homework and spelling stuff properly, deciding what homework to give, what Chinese songs to teach the students etc. It is definitely not as easy as it seems, with so many students and barely any time to prepare for class during working hours.

I'm not sure if you've decided to follow my blog, but if u have, here you go:

I'm pretty sure that you will give up one day. HAHA

Chinese overload?

Preschool Chinese from Monday to Saturday
Primary school Chinese on Sunday
Is this too much LOL

Extremely tempted to blog about my work life but I shall curb the desire because it’s entirely possible for my employers to find this :/

Just grateful for the break from Saturday afternoon to Sunday morning. Just me and Breaking Bad YAYYY ^^ and of course outings with my loved ones <3 teehee ^^

Teaching a language to a who have no foundation whatsoever is absolutely tiring :((( But I'll try my very best to be patient enough to teach the kids bah…

Pm me separately if u wanna know more about my working woes HAHA. Well so far I've only told Bestie and Veggie about what has been happening :(

HCI Open House 2015!

Such an eventful day ^^

Packed for cycling today with Veggie Wee Llama and Seal. Woke up to see Bo Han’s message about how something (not to be made public here) is still missing and needs to be found. Decided to change plan and go to school to look for it first. Veggie and Seal both got fever ._. So the rest of us went to look but failed LOL.

So we decided to just stay for Open House and ended up watching some of the performances including the Fac dances, HCJAM and MAD (I barely managed to see anything for this cuz there were so many guys in front of me watching the performance close up HAHAHA). Btw I’ll upload the videos I took on YouTube and link them in this blog soon ^^ Takes so long to upload zzz… rioHC’s performance was pretty cute and a bit louder than I expected it to be so :))) LOL. Although the “No Treble” by the guys couldn’t really be heard because of the position of the mic :(

Lepak-ed a bit then received an invitation from Wei Loon to play soccer so we went hehe ^^ Marcus and Wei Loon are quite good! I just watched as the rest of us played soccer at the high school street soccer court with the small kids teehee. The goalie in the other team was so tiny and cute HAHA. Afterwards we went to Saizeriya to meet da bestie and played board games LOL.

Throughout this whole day we played Chinese Checkers, Ludo (with three die which was a really really really bad idea LOL), Nine Men’s Morris, Backgammon, Snakes and Ladders (HAHAHA), Bridge, Hearts, German Bridge and Tai Tee (or however I’m supposed to spell it). It was a really fulfilling day HAHA.

Shall go and research on 儿歌s now! Needa lead one song with actions for the kids tmr heehee. Can’t wait for first day of work + karaoke session with my adorable friends ^^

Finally backkk

As u all can tell I visited too many countries and cities LOL. How to record down everything chronologically HAHA. Anyway I also wasn’t in the mood to do so bec during my free time I was either joking around with my bro or watching tv episodes or reading Tao Ran’s novels or chatting with some impt ppl in my life heehee ^^

Had a lot of bro-sis bonding time during this trip YAYYY ˆᴗˆ got reminded of how retarded my bro is, especially when he beatbox-es ANY RANDOM THING LOLLLLL. But I think my whole family can agree unanimously that my mum is the most retarded HAHAHA.

Anyway the soft toys in Europe 也太可爱了吧 OMGOSH… I felt like I was in a paradise <333 SHOOOO CUTEEEE~ I managed to buy one of them (despite my parents' strong objection) for someone heehee. ^^ Speaking of soft toys, I'm currently in the taxi and on the way home. And there is a baby Pooh and a baby Tigger staring at me from the front of the taxi… Awww besties yayyy. (Speaking of which I'm meeting my bestie later ^^)

This holiday gave me some time to think and stuff… so I've finally made my decision for uni YAYYYY ˆᴗˆ I've decided to take Computer Science or Math/Applied Math in NUS. I'm aiming for the double degree which is probably around 4.5 years heehee. And I think I wanna apply for a mid-term scholarship ^^ I know this decision is very shocking but well those of you who have known me since a long time ago will know that I'm full of surprises HAHA.