july favourites 2015

i know this monthly favourites thing is extremely cliched but i’ve come across a lot of interesting stuff that i wanna share lately so here goes :)

i think i’ll start with videos cuz i go on YouTube so often nowadays lol.

1. favourite couple video

2. favourite pets + babies video

3. favourite daddy + baby video

4. favourite animal video

5. favourite baby video

6. favourite song cover

7. favourite interview

8. favourite song

9. favourite christian song



a familiar memory

had a fun day today playing board games and card games with some uni peeps ˆᴗˆ I have always known that I have absolutely no flair in playing games but I guess practice makes perfect? and after a while I always somehow get the hang of it. 

I guess this bunch of ppl is pretty fun to be with so idm meeting up with them again for future sessions hehe. 

met someone who reminds me a lot of a friend who kinda left. his mannerisms, his astounding intellect, the way he likes to shrug his shoulders etc. just bears so much resemblance to the person I once knew. I guess I felt a bit happier because of this ˆᴗˆ

school of computing will definitely be a new experience. I think I’ll come to enjoy it ˆᴗˆ


this week was pretty awesome. main reason: I prayed SO much. I was almost constantly in contact with God, seeking for His guidance for everything and repenting, submitting to His will etc. I really savour the times when I can just spend time talking to Him ˆᴗˆ

I guess I also got a taste (or rather, a huge bite) of what com sci is going to be like. the stuff is pretty interesting amidst the difficulty of learning C programming for a newbie HAHA.

I guess regarding programming, both algorithm design and syntax are difficult for me cuz it feels like math Olympiad all over again for me to solve the problems. then when I try to code it’s also a problem cuz I’m not taught a lot of syntax, only basic stuff. so I end up having to do a lot of research by myself which is extremely time-consuming. cuz I just refuse to hardcode using basic functions HAHA.

but I love this challenge lol. I’m looking forward to being a pro programmer hehehe.

ever since I finished reading the book ‘I kissed dating goodbye’, the mindset has kinda sunken in HAHA. like when I got randomly teased with a guy friend today I got so defensive LOL. I’m usually not like that ._. hmm maybe everything related to dating and relationships now seems like a milder version of sin, if u all get what I mean. they are what I have to avoid at all cost. 

I just started reading this book about beliefs called ‘the believing brain’ which I kinda started long ago but I stopped for half a year LOL. so now I’m re-reading it. I feel like it’s such a difficult read as compared to ‘I kissed dating goodbye’ bec of the terminology. I’ve been a Christian for half my life (ok maybe lesser than that. I kinda forgot when I became a Christian shucks. was it in p5? I only remember when I was baptised LOL.) so Christian terminology is really easy for me? it felt like I was reading a storybook. but this one… I’ll see how it goes HAHA. 

I guess… I’m happy ˆᴗˆ

Praise the Lord!

initial musings

i’m extremely outnumbered by older guys my bro’s age ._. there are only like 1 or 2 more girls who are of the same age as me man. the rest are either poly girls (one year older) or JC guys (two years older) or poly guys (three years older) lol. tbh up till now I’ve only made like one friend. but I still refuse to join orientation haha. well I was telling a few of my friends that I’m very antisocial recently. maybe cuz I’m just really intimidated by ppl older than me. it’s really quite hard for me to socialise with them.

I wasn’t sure whether I would like comp sci (well I knew I probably wouldn’t hate it anyway) but today’s workshop made me love it much more than I expected teehee. I mean writing pseudocodes is pretty fun like highly mathematical hehe. I can see myself doing this for my whole life yay. (of course easier said than done and come on this is not even the actual coding lol)

things I like about uni:

1. more mature peeps (I think)

2. ATMs <3

3. seniors help out as teacher assistants with workshops and courses

4. greater ethnic diversity as compared to hwach

5. ample study areas (air-conditioned and equipped with loads of power sockets!!)

I can see myself enjoying the next 4 years ˆᴗˆ

I love u dears

old friends are awesome ˆᴗˆ

met up with my ex-classmates and ex-batch mate today. and managed to forge a friendship between an ex-classmate and ex-batch mate which is super cool. 

then I realise that perhaps I’ve been spending too much time on new friends that I’ve forgotten that I’m actually very very loved. <3 like the really warm feeling when ur darling just grabs ur arm like a bolster and tells u that she has missed u… this is something that boys will hardly do haha. and I must say that I honestly miss this sweet girl-girl interaction. 

just about a week ago I met another ex-classmate and when she came over to talk she clasped my hand with both of her hands just intuitively as we chatted and I felt a really nice feeling. like I think I took this kind of thing for granted in the past. and now that I spend more time with guy friends I realise it’s really different. like a lot of times, girls just get me. and boys don’t.

some boys can be gentlemanly but do I honestly appreciate that? I think I don’t appreciate that anymore. I think it’s nice but not necessary… I would prefer being the one who is ‘gentlemanly’, which girls will appreciate but boys might deem as an act of getting them to like me or me liking them which is like ._. ok. 

this post is becoming extremely stereotypical but I mean no offence to the opposite gender, just that I’ve actually suffered a lot with opposite sex friendships and I guess I just wanna ask myself why.

but at the same time I think I tell the most stuff to my guy friends instead of girl friends so I guess it means that guys are really good listeners? and I would say that they might be a bit better at giving advice and trying to help as compared to girls who might not know what to do in those kinds of situations? 

and isn’t it strange that my fav kids in my school (the school that I taught in) are all boy boys? so what exactly does that show then? and why is it that I’m 100 times more intimidated by older guys as compared to older girls?

can’t seem to make sense of it. but is it really necessary to make sense of it anyway lol. maybe not :P

taking over?

recently my mum’s been trying to psycho me to take over her business when I graduate lol. as in I guess idm but idk if this is God’s plan for me so see how bah. when I graduate see if her business is still going strong.

haha jkjk. I mean if she needs me then I probably will help ˆᴗˆ

anyway not sure if everybody knows but the pictures that we always have to describe for oral are becoming videos in a few years’ time. like the students watch a video and then describe it and how they feel about it. cool right. and my mum is asking for my help to make videos for her school. I guess it’ll be a fun distraction from my uni studies but I’ll just have to look for ppl to help me bah. 

probably means that I am quite confirmed joining nuSTUDIOS (that is provided that I can get in of course lol). 

i’m braver.

i realize that i tend to make extremely unpopular decisions (at least for my age).

currently reading a book called “i kissed dating goodbye” and i’m really won over by the writer’s postulation and reasoning. i mean it’s easy for me to declare that i give up dating to seek for a life of true purity and purposeful singleness. considering the fact that i’m still recovering from getting hurt by guys. but i want to do it if it can make me lead a more God-pleasing life.

it’s like how i was previously thinking about whether Christians should date non-Christians. and the answer is no. well, it’s not a sin to have a non-Christian boyfriend, but loving a Christian will benefit our walk with God more. to put it simply, it’s a better option. so the question is do we want to just go after the acceptable, or the best?

but of course this doesn’t really apply as much to me anymore if i eventually decide to remain single until marriage after i finish reading the book.

at the same time i’m also thinking about the whole orientation thing. the deadline for registration is in a few days time. and honestly i dun wanna go. i dun want to be forced into a social environment where i am pressured to make friends. cuz i wanna make friends naturally u know. not like this. i dun want to have to follow instructions and do activities that i dun want to participate in. ok i think i’m just antisocial and uncooperative. but i’ll so much rather spend the money on something more meaningful than bad team-bonding games.

i realize i sound really bitter. but seriously i know if i go for orientation there’s a 99.9% chance i’ll regret my decision.

that’s why i dun want to succumb to social norms anymore. i shall seriously do whatever i want from now on. i feel like the inner me is coming out. and it’s going to revolutionize my life. no matter what path i choose to lead, i know that God is here to give me courage and strength. in Him, i will not fall.