super happy today after tuition. my student showed me her SA1 results and she actually improved quite a lot! she improved:

  • 5 marks for Chinese
  • 6 marks for Science
  • 11 marks for Higher Chinese(???)

was so worried about her higher Chinese cuz it was really not very good. her Chinese is always a steady improvement so I think by PSLE should be ok. for Science it’s not as good cuz I only started teaching her like in the recent months. she is still making conceptual errors but I can see that she is slowly getting the hang of answering science exam questions yayyee ^^

the sense of fulfilment of a teacher when her student improves is really not overrated at all man. I especially felt so touched when she scored 32 marks for her 作文 :’) she has a relatively positive attitude towards learning and I know she will do very well in life ^^

of course it was great to receive my pay too heehee ^^



otw to Vivo for a manicure and realized that I haven’t posted in a while so I’m going to talk about a topic that has been running through my mind recently. 

met this guy recently who bears so much resemblance to fossil (especially his warm smile) then I realized it’s not really about fossil but it’s about how this guy just happens to be my type ^^

cuz I honestly also don’t know for sure if I have gotten over fossil (having seen another side of him a few months ago and decided that I no longer wanted to be in love with him anymore). but yet at the same time I feel myself becoming a teenage girl again and getting attracted to the guy I mentioned in my previous para. 

however I am trying to suppress my feelings cuz I’ll be leaving Singapore for good in 3 years’ time, so there is not much point getting into a relationship now. might as well find someone in US when I go there. dun wanna complicate my life too much u know.

then again, it’s very hard to say cuz within these 3 years I might actually find someone who happens to also want to settle down in California in the future. we’ll see. HAHA

but I am totally prepared to just remain single for my entire life cuz I know I have very specific standards that are hard to find all in one person. and I do not wish to settle for less e.g. a non-Christian or a self-declared Christian who chooses to embrace sin. in fact, singlehood is a gift cuz it means that more focus can be put on my main priority (God) instead of my secondary priority (a romantic partner). but then again, sometimes a romantic partner can bring me even closer to God. so in this sense, romance is also a gift. 

met up with veggie recently and did a 珊瑚海 cover which kickstarted a mini Instagram trend in which both the Bryce/Bryce and Joel/Lingyun couple decided to lie down on the floor and make a cover of that song as well (which brought much laughter to both veggie and I HAHA). but anyway the point is that when we were choosing where to sit I asked to sit at a bench-like thingy on which there were 3 couples. then veggie was like eee later they PDA let’s sit somewhere else (not exact words). but I said that I love the atmosphere with many couples cuz it gives me a nice feeling. like love is in the air u know. <3

I guess I just really like looking at other couples? I love rom coms and Asian romance dramas and stuff HAHA. I admit that I think my experience with fossil does feel like it came out of some kind of drama or romance novel ^^ HAHAHA but it could be just me being too biased LOL. maybe I feel that it is difficult for me to get into a relationship so existing couples kinda capture my attention? or maybe I actually want to be in a relationship so I will try to satisfy my inner desire to be in a relationship by looking at other couples? 

anyway manicure was a bit disappointing. the colours I chose were not too bad (well cuz I chose them hahaha) but the job wasn’t well done? i still have some gel nail polish on my skin that idk how to remove. was thinking of just letting it sit so it can magically come off one day but I think I’m just going to end up Googling how to get it off haha. it’s probably not good for my skin man. 

went to Starbucks to study. super love the fact that they have so many power sockets and there aren’t a lot of ppl who are using them. which is super cool. stayed there from 2-9pm and hardly rested except for a toilet break and a trip to the counter to get some pie to eat for dinner. as a result my dark eye rings are super serious right now. I look super pale and with my long hair and I think I look like a ghost. no wonder that girl sitting opposite me kept staring at me oops :P

but glad I have finished a huge part of my project! it’s quite challenging to have to work with someone cuz there will be miscommunications and disagreements (correction: there have been ><). but in overall I guess it’s quite fun to learn HTML/CSS + JavaScript! but I hope I’ll still have time to do some computer graphics >< we’ll see how it goes bah.

eyes are super tired so I shall stop here since this is alr quite a lengthy post… hope to update again soon! ˆᴗˆ 


I just haven’t been able to sit down and count the number of ppl who turned their heads away from me. 

but it doesn’t matter because I’m leaving in 3 years. I’m settling down in US where hopefully things are less stifling. 

it can be interesting to meet ppl who are different, but it hurts to be close. when things go badly, I am struggling alone. 

sometimes I really just wish for someone to take me seriously. I am tired of this emptiness around me.