some YouTube stuff

i haven’t posted YouTube vids in this space for a very long time so i’ll just share some interesting ones that i have been watching recently.


not a fan of this song. it’s kinda weird imo. i prefer Up and Down, Ah Yeah and Hot Pink that kind of style. anyway when i watched the first few live perfs of L.I.E. i felt bad for disliking Hani but honestly i think some of u will agree that she looks very 欠扁. like what’s with that face man…

but i guess i subsequently realized that this song is kinda a hate song about an ex-boyfriend. so in that sense her expression totally fits and it’s the other members that are smiling inappropriately? i think EXID is trying to find a balance between being flirtatious and being resentful which is not working for me unfortunately. the funny thing is in the later perfs Hani succumbs to pressure and becomes smiley again LOL.

well, whatever the viewers like.

 Super Junior’s SUPERSHOW6 Evanesce

this was so funny i actually cried. i mean. whut

but ok there’s a rumour that he saw a hanchul banner in the crowd so ok lah i shouldn’t laugh this is not funny.


look at the fancam. he’s trying not to laugh at 1:25 it’s hilarious OMGOSH

ilikeweylie’s Recreating My Old Look Challenge

the sperm brows were totally hilarious.

i mean it really takes a lot of courage for someone to publicize his or her old styles on the Internet. kudos to weylie for that :)

Taemin’s Drip Drop

the video speaks for itself.

this. was. so. good.



intro-ed my friend to this blog so here’s a super huge shoutout HAHA.

did filming at Huimimn’s condo this morning, had lunch with the crew (yay can claim teehee), finished meeting minutes in the afternoon and then watched Apprentice with my fam in the evening. quite a productive and eventful day, i must say :)

Apprentice was quite cool i guess! i really liked it. my bro thought it was bad but it’s not a fair judgment cuz he fell asleep during the film and missed a chunk of it LOL. went to eat Kolo mee afterwards cuz i didn’t have time for dinner before the movie (underestimated the time i needed to organize the minutes oops).

anyway had a good talk with Huimimn this morning, glad i managed to let out some thoughts that i have been keeping inside me for very long (ok i have talked about them to “outsiders” but still). thank u for listening to my rants :)

ok i guess i shall go shower now, will update soon? try lah har.


the hormones are back


I dunno if this means that I’m finally moving on from fossil. but I haven’t felt this kind of romantic attraction(?) towards anyone in a while. 

my loyal readers will know that my hormones have been dead for a while until this holiday?? and I always associated it with my undying love for fossil. 

I feel like a teenage girl again. I guess it should be a good thing? being able to be charmed by and attracted to great guys. haha. my heart is starting to weaken its defense towards guys. hmm. 

but then I won’t let feelings manifest into anything real. so what’s the point of my change right now haha. just trying to analyse from the perspective of the designer of the world’s beautiful lives. 

we’ll see how it goes bah. ˆᴗˆ


life is a whirlwind nowadays. and I don’t even know how to start evaluating it properly given that things are moving so fast. what is happening…?

I might be clueless bec I haven’t really been doing QT recently (and neither have I gone for service I guess). hence I might not really be listening to God. 

then again last Monday I had 3 whole hours of complete slacking time at work and it was arduous. and it didn’t even occur to me that I could use the time to evaluate. 

i was replacing my boss and from 2.30-5.30 she doesn’t teach but does the school’s finances / goes to the bank / meets parents and these are stuff that a replacement teacher does not do lol. 

and it didn’t seem like the other teachers wanted my help. cuz my helpful printing of the July book for the K2s ytd afternoon was unappreciated. 

I wouldn’t have minded if I brought my book and/or if there was free WiFi but nah why would a preschool enrichment centre need WiFi??? I messaged my boss to ask her if I can get off work earlier… and thankfully she agreed (only on Friday LOL). but then I ended up staying cuz a teacher asked me to help her arrange the materials ._. #okcan


my loyal readers will know that I have a favourite boyboy that I seriously believe is the cutest boyboy in the world. this year his little sister came in to N1 and OMGOSH SHE IS SHO CUTEEE <333 she has an unbelievably innocent face and the cutest smile. she’s grown very attached to me which is interesting cuz the same thing happened to her kakak and abang haha. I was close to the boyboy but I guess nowadays I’m stricter so we kinda play around less? plus I’m no longer teaching his class. (and there is no more 3rd session so we get to spend less time tgt) I’m glad I still get to teach the little sister cuz she’s actually a different kind of cute. a little girl kind of cute. like u see her innocent face and ur protective instincts just come out and u just wanna do everything to make sure that she is safe and doesn’t get hurt ˆᴗˆ

on Friday work had some drama and as usual I was sandwiched inbetween two opposing parties, being the neutral party and just listening to both sides and thinking that both parties are right and wrong at the same time. 

and I realized I am someone who hates conflict. I realize I kept trying to divert my own attention from the heated argument by attending to the kids and finding stuff to do. what a pathetic loser. 

I will stop here cuz it is easy to track down which school this is and idw to ruin its reputation. 

haish gotta get myself together. 7 more months to adulthood. need to start taking control.