Bethel Presbyterian Church

had Film School last Sunday so I didn’t manage to go to any church.

btw I found out that last last Sunday was the 135th anniversary combined worship for The Presbyterian Church in Singapore so probably that’s why I didn’t find anyone in Bethany Presbyterian Church. LOL. the construction workers were only working on the exterior of the church so actually most of the rooms still can use what. but why were the staircases so dusty and cluttered?

anyway today I tried to visit Bethel Presbyterian Church. 


I reached at 11.26am to attend the 11.30am bilingual service. and turns out that their bilingual service is held at 5 Poh Huat Road or something. like they put on a board in front of their church. And it took around 30 min to go to 5 Poh Huat Road from Bethel Presbyterian Church. so I was like forget it. and here I am at Nex having lunch. 

idk what I’m going to do now… I have tuition at 3pm at Toa Payoh. I kinda want to get my mum to fetch me home so at least I have an hour to work on the meeting minutes. (I didn’t bring my laptop :() but I got some grocery shopping to do hmmm… we’ll see. maybe I’ll take very long to finish my lunch (I’m going to watch New Girl while lunching since there is WirelessSG here haha) then I’ll have no time to go home anyway. 

third time’s supposedly the charm but I really hope next week I can actually properly attend a Sunday service. but no matter what ur plan is God, I guess these circumstances have made me quite amused HAHA. 

might update sometime this week before Sunday to talk about Year 2 so far. I wanted to continue here but I guess I should seriously start on my lunch. haven’t touched it at all since it arrived 10min ago LOL. 


Bethany Presbyterian Church

currently omw to Botanics before changing to Serangoon then apparently it’s a 15 minute walk away from there ˆᴗˆ 

service starts at 11.15am, how shiok! dun need to wake up too early, can take time to wash up and eat breakfast and stuff hehe. I’m going for the Chinese service cuz well I’ve always gone to Chinese service back in my old church. 

didn’t bring my Bible though, cuz my bag is alr super packed with a lot of stuff (for some reason I like to bring a lot of things with me when I go out). luckily I got Bible app in my phone hehe. 

coffee migraine coffee migraine I shall rest on the train now

ok now I’m in The Coffee Daily at 11.45am. and let me tell u what happened. 

it was a long walk from the MRT to Bethany Presbyterian Church. I reached the church at 11.13am panicking a little because I needed to use the toilet and find the worship venue within 2 min. there wasn’t any front door to the church so I tried to go in through a side door which led to the backstage of an auditorium so I was like ok no. 

so I went out and went in through another side door which had a lot of foreign construction workers doing construction outside. one worker looked at me and seemed like he wanted to talk to me but perhaps he didn’t know how to (cuz speak different language?). I went in through the side door and saw a really dusty and cluttered staircase filled with cardboard boxes and random household items. this was when I asked myself: 


luckily for me I managed to find another door which led to an auditorium / sanctuary in which I heard music being played and someone speaking so I thought I finally found the worship venue. I then decided peep through and I saw NO ONE :O only many chairs and a podium but no one was inside. I asked myself: 


then i came out and saw the church office door. it was lit so I assumed someone was inside. I peeped through and no one was there. some cars were parked in the church car park so I assumed ppl were inside the church. I went up to the second and third floors but all the rooms were empty and there was no one in the corridors. 

then I realized I still needed to pee so I decided to use the female toilet in level 3. surprisingly the flush system could work. 

I hypothesised that the church was closing down, and the construction workers were rebuilding it for another purpose. 

then I saw a clipboard at the bench beside me. the title of the piece of paper was something like ‘renovation and redecoration of Bethany Presbyterian Church’. 


never indicate anywhere in your website? or Facebook page? 害我白跑一趟. 

then I remembered that The Coffee Daily is at Serangoon too so I decided to come to chill and do some work. and of course type this post. LOL

idk why I’m drinking Baileys latte when I finally just recovered from my migraine after 30 min of endless walking HAHA. ppl just never learn, do they?

I wasn’t really frustrated at what happened this morning but was more amused. and also sad at a point because I really thought Bethany Presbyterian Church was closing down. treasure your churches man. 

hopefully next week I can go to a church which is NOT RENOVATING. haha. 

shall do my work now, talk to y’all soon! 

church hopping

I’ve left my church for 2.5 years now and today I’ve finally moved myself out of my house on a Sunday morning to start my research on churches in Singapore! 

actually not so much research but more like I wanna know how different churches are like in Singapore and bring some insight to benefit the church I’m going to settle down in for the future – probably one in California ˆᴗˆ

I’d visit churches of different denominations and different practices despite being a very strong Presbyterian because I feel that it is important to understand how other Christians interpret and commit to the Bible. 

and I finally got my GET1029 module yippee!! I’m 80% sure I wanna minor in Philo but I think I’ll be more sure after I finish this module. I hope that learning Philosophy can make me become better in the way I talk about my religion to other people and help me understand how Christianity falls within the many ideas that ppl use to guide their lives. 

before I move to California I’d need my readers here to help me be accountable and stay on this path every Sunday k! please pray for me~