mp 魔幻力量

got to know of this band from ylbfb a few years back and thought that they were pretty cool. this was the song they performed which impressed me hehe.

i think i’m too old to learn new songs nowadays. i don’t follow the new english / chinese songs anymore actually. as for kpop i’m quite selective… depends on the group. ok i guess i still follow hyuna’s music super closely. and all her associated acts (troublemaker, 4minute and this new subunit called triple h). but sigh 4 minute has disbanded and troublemaker is super inactive nowadays zzz.

but this is why i always run out of music to listen to (i don’t listen to the radio either) so sometimes i go back to the old songs. recently i’ve been listening more of mp 魔幻力量 again. and i was so shocked to realize that they did not release any new stuff since the last time i checked them out (which was a few years ago) :O

so i went to google them just now and found out that they went through some real drama omgosh. some stuff copied from wikipedia:

2015年11月4日在日本發行首張日文精選輯,首波主打為日文版的《我還是愛著你》、《射手》。(this was legit the period i checked them out and these were the exact songs they were promoting at that time)

2016年1月,前主唱嘎嘎因被媒體拍到在街頭與Popu Lady團員寶兒有親密舉動,並因半年內連犯兩錯,遭到經紀公司相信音樂退團處分;(shucks omgosh) 24日,第11屆KKBOX風雲榜是嘎嘎在MP魔幻力量的最後一場演出,31日正式退團。另,主唱廷廷因為壓力大引起憂鬱症,出席第11屆KKBOX風雲榜演出後,團體活動全面暫停。(:O)

2016年2月13日,前鼓手阿翔在團體官方臉書發文宣佈,因為個人人生及生涯規畫等因素,正式退出MP魔幻力量。不久後被爆料,與妻子陳艾琳籌備婚禮前(2015年3月秘密登記結婚),和女粉絲發生性行為,被大批網友砲轟,而事發後在IG發文道歉。(whoa seriously)

2016年4月8日,主唱廷廷於個人臉書發文與唱片公司、團員及歌迷「告別」,疑似退出MP魔幻力量[3],隨後相信音樂表示,廷廷只是暫退演藝圈休養,並非退團。而在7月初,MP於團體官方臉書發文宣佈將在超犀利趴合體復出。[4] (omgosh phew)

2016年7月30日,MP魔幻力量於超犀利趴演唱會合體演出,此次表演為1月24日最後一次六人合體後,首次以四人復出。(oh man…)

btw please pardon my very random exclamations peppered within the wikipedia text haha. was just trying to have more interaction with u guys.

but ya. apparently they went through a round of tours in 2016 so ok lah i guess they are recovering from all the drama :) hope they will release new songs soon heehee. ^^ (btw fun fact: they are 五月天’s juniors)

i really recommend their songs because they are quite legit. as in for the mainstream scene i think they are very good. cuz i feel nowadays the chinese music scene the music generally not as nice anymore. so.

decided to share this with y’all now because i just realized i have some time to update hehe. cuz i just found out i have 5 days to study for st2131 LOL. so can chill a bit lol.

ok this is my fav song of theirs:

enjoy!!!! :)


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