all things are possible

most ppl are shocked at my exam schedule: tuesday, wednesday, thursday, friday (all consecutive) then next tuesday. honestly i feel that all of these is a blur. like a calm kind of blur. ok sorry if that completely did not make sense haha. 

but it’s just a little sprint lor. for now. until i crumble haha. tbh i think i thrive better in sprints like these as compared to long marathons. which is interesting because i used to be better at long distance running.

2 down, 3 more to go hahaha. there’s no one else so hardcore i know so this is really a battle that i have to fight alone. i’m sick and i keep coughing non-stop. a bit antisocial nowadays because i dun wanna spread the germs. maybe i should just wear a mask for the rest of my exams hmm. 

the thing is i should probably stay at home but my productivity level is seriously ridiculously low when i’m at home, no joke. i’m quite scared that my illness will become more and more severe hmm. shucks. 


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