triple h

omgosh i super love this mv????? i know it’s seems quite screwed up and stuff but it’s so SICK man. actually E’Dawn and Hui are my favourite members from Pentagon. they are also super good friends ˆᴗˆ

i think this will become my favourite group for a while because it seems really awesome. all its members are just so talented and so EC-able haha. but E’Dawn tho. E’Dawn is truly amazing. like he’s really photogenic. and his facial expressions are just on point.

i dun think this MV necessarily promotes like bad stuff… i mean the main characters commit suicide in the end so i think this MV can be viewed in a way like yes u wanna take this kind of risks in life but u are driving urself to ur own death.

anyway one reason why i prefer to make children’s films in the future is because idw to be imparting screwed up moral values into young innocent minds. but then again i realize children’s stories are actually not as pure as we all expect hmmmm…

idk i just find this MV so nice to watch cuz of its cinematography and the acting and all. and the immoral acts kinda just make it more sophisticated? i thought Roll Deep MV was really bad.

although ppl are not pleased with the concept now, there are comments that claim ppl will eventually be ok with it cuz more and more companies will likely take on this concept. which is kinda sad in a way but.

omgosh they are so gorgeousssssss


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